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MIDI-To-USB cables are necessary to connect both high end as well as older keyboards to your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. If your keyboard has a MIDI-Out connection instead of a USB connection you will need a compatible cable. Please read the product descriptions before purchasing to ensure they'll work with your keyboard as well as your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Beware of MIDI-To-USB cables in the $10 price range. Based on our experience they are very hit or miss, working with some keyboards/computers but not others. Additionally, beware of scams where alternate, cheaper adapters are shipped instead of the listed product. We highly recommend paying slightly more for a name brand, high quality adapter.

LiDiVi USB IN-OUT MIDI Cable Converter for Keyboard to PC/Laptop/MAC

  • Comes with built-in driver, truly plug and play, needs no difficult driver installation
  • Compatible with most computer systems, such as Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10 and Mac OS X operating systems

Mugig USB IN-OUT MIDI Cable for Keyboard to PC/Laptop/MAC

  • Built-in driver, plug and play, checking the operation by LED Indicator
  • Compatible with computer systems, such as Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10 and Mac OS X operating systems

mio iConnectivity USB to MIDI Interface for MAC and PC

  • Natively compatible with most operating systems PC (from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 8) Mac (OS X 10.4 or greater)
  • Plug and play - no drivers or difficult installation needed

FORE USB IN-OUT MIDI Interface for PC/Laptop/MAC

  • Plugs and play, with a built-in driver and LED indicator
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and Mac OS X

Creative EMU USB MIDI Interface

  • Compatible with: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Vista, Macintosh: OS X 10.4 or greater
  • Active-Sensing messages filtered, MME, DirectMusic and CoreMIDI supported

Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface

  • Super compact, affordable, and easy to use
  • Data indicators for both MIDI input and output

iConnectMIDI1 Lightning Support USB to MIDI Interface for MAC, PC and iOS

  • iOS (4.2 or greater), Mac (OS X 10.4 or greater) and PC Compatible
  • Plug and play - no drivers needed

Music Book Clip or Page Holder

  • Holds pages open making large books easier to read
  • Strong durable metal construction

Music Stand Page Holder 2-pack

  • Made of clear, springy plastic
  • Sold as a 2-pack

Wind Clips for music stand (Pair)

  • Fast song transitions and page turns
  • Regular bend fits most music stands

Kootek Clip On Music Light

  • 10 bright LEDs, built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery. AC adapter and USB cord included
  • Portable and Lightweight

LEPOWER Music Stand Light

  • USB and battery operated
  • Brighten up with the click of a button and adjustable arms

Piano Key Stickers - Whites Labelled

  • The stickers are printed on transparent vinyl and coated with a long lasting adhesive material that will not damage your keyboard

Piano Key Stickers - All Labelled

  • Contains 88 stickers

The Chord Wheel Booklet

  • Master chord theory
  • Understand key structure and transposition

Music Theory Laminated Mat

  • Double sided Laminated
  • Covers notes, key positions, timing and basic key signature concepts

Scalewand Piano Scale Finder

  • Never have to look elsewhere to learn a scale on a keyboard or piano again!
  • No batteries - nothing to ever break

Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand

  • Longest lasting, most durable music stand made
  • Solid-brass bearings, greaseless heavy-duty chrome inner shaft, and the original "Magic Finger Clutch" provides one-hand friction grip

AmazonBasics Sheet Music Stand

  • Sheet music stand with adjustable height and tilt for holding sheet music
  • Easy-to-use knobs adjust the tilt for a comfortable viewing angle

Crafty Gizmos Folding Music Stand with Carrying Bag

  • Fold, place in carrying bag and throw it in a backpack, purse or grab the case by the handle and go
  • Angle adjusting knob which allows your sheet music to be placed at the most comfortable angle

Knox Gear Z Style Adjustable Heavy Duty Piano Keyboard Stand

  • Heavy duty and extremely sturdy
  • Height adjustable from 23-35 inches.Width adjustable from 24-41 inches

RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Piano Keyboard Stand

  • Heavy duty double-x metal construction
  • Quick-release mechanism allows the user to adjust the height, from 4 - 38 in

KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Bench

  • Weight Capacity: 360 lbs.
  • Height (adjustable): 19"to 25"

Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard X-Style Bench

  • Steel Construction; 3 position height adjustment
  • Height 17.5" - 19.5"

Giantex Black Ebony Wood Leather Double Duet Piano Bench Padded Storage Seat

  • Durable and Solid Wood Frame
  • Storage Compartment