Support » FAQs

  1. What do I need to start playing music?
    1. A piano keyboard with either MIDI or USB output (nearly all keyboards support one of those)
    2. A MIDI-To-USB cable to connect your keyboard to your computer
    3. A Computer

    Depending on your cable you may need to install software that comes with it. MAC OS requires a one time setup as well. Finally, for web browsers other than Chrome you'll need to install a free plugin so your keyboard can talk to our site.
  2. Help! I can't get my keyboard to work!
  3. First, please review the setup steps in Keyboard Help along with the interactive testing tool. Finally, please use the step-by-step troubleshooting guide at the bottom of the Keyboard Help page to identify your problem and where you can find support.
  4. Can I search or play without signing up?
  5. Of course! Only sign up if you want to track your progress and save your favorite scores.
  6. How does this site make money?
  7. As a small independent learning site we rely on the support of our users through our recommended products where we earn affiliate royalties. We are also working on a Supporting Membership which will offer additional features to paid users; however, every feature currently offered for free will remain free and we will never put core learning features behind a paywall.
  8. What libraries are searched?
  9. We search across multiple free music libraries including musescore, the International Music Score Library Project, the Choral Public Domain Library and others to find free Public Domain and Creative Commons music to practice.
  10. What can I do with these scores?
  11. All listed scores are either Public Domain or Creative Commons licensed. You're free to play, download and print. Additionally, Public Domain and Creative Commons Zero works can be shared or adapted without restriction. For other Creative Commons works, consult the license before adapting or sharing.
  12. What is MusicXML and why should I care?
  13. MusicXML is a format for describing sheet music that puts the power in your hands. Using free and open source tools like you can easily edit, print, share and even create your own sheet music. As a result, this site is able to let you play and interact directly with your music.
  14. What if a score is improperly listed under the wrong license?
  15. All our scores are hosted by community supported libraries that comply with international copyright law. If any score appears to not comply with copyright laws please contact the hosting site directly and alert them of the problem. We will re-crawl and remove the listing as part of our regularly scheduled search engine updates.
  16. What if I find a bug or want to suggest a needed feature?
  17. Bug reports and suggestions are encouraged. This site is still very young and under active development. Please reach out directly to Contact Us, Report a Bug, or Suggest a Feature and we'll do our best to respond as soon as possible. We need your help to make this a world class free learning tool and appreciate any support.