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Play along Piano is dedicated to empowering piano students of any ability to search for high quality, freely licensed sheet music and practice it in their browser.

Connect your piano keyboard to any web browser and discover 82,415 songs, with more added daily.

Discover the world’s library of freely licensed sheet music for more engaging play.

Play with feedback as needed to reinforce learning and stay motivated.
Interactive Feedback and Unlimited Music - Free Forever
Learning should not be paywalled.

The world's ever growing library of free music should be shared and played without restriction.

Paid features such as personal music uploading, learning games and advanced progress reporting are intended to add fun and encourage interaction but will never replace or take away from core learning tools.
Search and Discover
You can Search for music or Discover by Tags, Uploaders, and popular music.
Interactive Feedback
As you play, correct notes are highlighted in blue and the cursor advances. If you make a mistake, the correct notes are shown and the cursor pauses until the correct notes are played.
To select a segment to play on loop, click and drag from the start to the end of the selection of measures.
Change Locations
To move the cursor, double click on a new measure.
Note tooltips
Hover the mouse over a note to see it's name.
Settings - Mini Menu
The Settings button launches the mini menu with Quick options, the Info tab, and the Settings tab. The Info tab shows details of the sheet music as well as your play history. The Settings tab exposes more advanced settings.
Left/Right Hands
If two parts are available and selected then the hands icon becomes available. By clicking the hands you can switch between playing right handed, left handed, or both.
You can expand the width of the sheet music to your browser's limits by pressing the enlarge button. Press again to return to a page layout.
By default no sound is played as many keyboards make their own sound. If you want the browser to play sound instead click the icon.
Listen to the piece or looped selection played by the browser. If only right hand or only left hand is selected, then only that stave will be played. Enable both hands to hear both staves.
Free Accounts
Although you can play the complete library without an account, creating a free account allows you to save favorites and watch your progress.
Handling Multiple Parts
Many pieces are written with multiple parts for different instruments. You may need to open Settings to decide which parts to show. The Play setting determines which parts you'll play: left hand, right hand, or both.
Show Sharps ♯ and Flats ♭
Explicitly show sharps and flats that are in the current key signature.
Special Thanks

We'd like to thank all our early testers and supporters who made this possible.

Thank you to the thousands of people contributing freely licesenced sheet music. Especially members of these communities:

Additionally, this would not be possible without open source software and support from these incredible communties: