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Most keyboards don't require any configuration to send MIDI or USB data to a computer.

A minority have the ability to turn their MIDI OUT ports On or Off via a button. If your keyboard has a MIDI OUT toggle button, ensure it is in the On position (a light may turn on).

Before you can practice the piano using free sheet music you'll need the right equipment.
Recommended equipment

This includes:

  1. A keyboard that supports USB or MIDI-OUT (nearly all keyboads, new and old, support this)
  2. The proper USB or MIDI-to-USB cable
  3. A compatible laptop, desktop, tablet or phone with internet access

Start by identifying your connection type


Many modern keyboards use USB to connect to computers. If your keyboard has a USB port, this is the recommended way to connect to your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

USB ports most often look like this or show the USB symbol:

USB Ports USB Logo

Though rare, there are other USB connector types that may be present instead.

Frequently the port will be labeled "USB".


MIDI is the other common connection type for both high end modern keyboards and most older keyboards.


Because most computers, tablets, and phones do not have MIDI ports, you'll need a MIDI-to-USB cable that is compatible with your computer, tablet, or phone.

If your MIDI cable or keyboard came with software, follow the manufacturer's directions to install the device on your computer.

Some keyboards and MIDI cables require no software and work as soon as they are connected to a computer.

Mac's will require a one time setup. You will need to configure your MIDI Device after plugging it in and installing any required software.

  1. Use the Mac search feature (upper right hand corner or press the apple key) to search for "Audio MIDI setup" and open it.
  2. Open the "Window" menu and click "Show MIDI Studio."
  3. You should see your MIDI Device listed there with a down and up arrow, however you still need to tell your mac that this is a keyboard.
  4. Press the plus "+" button at the top of the window to add a keyboard.
  5. Connect the listed MIDI Device to this new keyboard by dragging and dropping to connect the arrows.
    1. Connect the MIDI Device down arrow to your keyboard's down arrow by dragging and dropping.
    2. Connect the MIDI Device up arrow to your keyboard's up arrow by dragging and dropping.
  6. Finally, you can test your setup by clicking the keyboard icon in the upper right of the window. The icon will now be highlighted. Play your keyboard and verify the up arrows of the connected keyboard and MIDI Device both light up.
  7. Now close the Audio MIDI Setup window.

Apple Support

Nearly all browsers can work with this site; however, some will require a plugin to connect to your keyboard.

Currently, Google Chrome is recommended as it offers built in support to connect to keyboards.

Browser Requires Jazz-Soft Plugin Requires Browser Extension
Download Chrome Chrome Built In Support
Download IOS Web MIDI Browser IOS Web MIDI Browser Built In Support
Download Firefox Firefox
Download Opera Opera
Download Safari Safari
Download IE Edge IE Edge
Download Internet Explorer (Legacy) Internet Explorer (Legacy) *

*Internet Explorer Legacy (All versions up to and including 11) is no longer supported by Microsoft and is not recommended. Audio support is limited and performance can be slow in some cases.

If you are using Download Chrome Google Chrome, no Plugin or Extension is needed.

If you are using any browser other than the latest version of Google Chrome you must:

Step 1: Install the free Jazz-Soft Plugin

Learn more at the Jazz-Soft Home page.

Step 2: Install the Jazz-Midi Extension

An extension is required for Firefox and Opera.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

When having trouble connecting a keyboard or MIDI-to-USB cable, start with the manufacturer's website. Ensure you have the latest software/drivers and have followed their instructions. Many manufacturers also offer phone and online chat support.

Q/A Networks and Online Forums may provide additional support

Recommended Communities on the StackExchange Q/A networks:

Recommended Reddit Forums:

Advanced Debugging

Try a desktop MIDI keyboard debugging tool to confirm your device is detected.
Tutorial for Windows and Mac

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